Concrete Beam and Block

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Beam and Block product overview

Our pre-stressed concrete beam and block flooring has become the “preferred option” for ground and many first floor situations by architects, developers and contractors on new build housing, schools, commercial projects as well as extensions and renovations.

We offer two types of T-beam

150mm Concrete Beam & 225mm Concrete Beam

Benefits of using Beam and Block

  • All Weather Construction
  • Immediate Working Platform
  • Quick and Easy Placement of Product
  • Simple Accommodation of Service Pipes and Ducting
  • Speedy Response to Enquiries / Drawings / Quotations
  • Suitable for Spans Up To 8.0 metres (See Span / Load Tables)
  • Excellent Fire Resistance
  • BBA Approved Thermal Flooring Systems Available
  • Installation Service Available
  • Full Estimating and Technical Support
  • Excellent Sound Insulation – ideal for first and subsequent floor levels.
  • Rot Proof

Concrete Beam and Block Specifications


Solid standard dense and lightweight blocks are used with varying densities depending on the thermal, sound or load bearing requirement for the floor (see Beamshield for an alternative thermal floor option). Blocks should have a minimum compressive strength of 7.0N/mm2 and transverse strength of 3.5N/mm2. Normally blocks will be 440 x 215 x 100mm, however the design software used to calculate loadings and produce beam layout drawings will accommodate all “floorblock” types.


A sharp sand cement mix / slurry of 4 : 1 should be brushed into the pre-wetted and cleaned floor ensuring all joints are properly filled. Gaps between multiple beams must be filled with C30 concrete using a 10mm aggregate.

Fire Resistance

A half hour fire resistance is achieved in a floor using 150mm deep beam rising to one hour fire resistance when using a 225mm beam.

Floor Finishes

Sand cement screed may be directly bonded to the grouted floor. Where insulation is used a vapour barrier and minimum of 65mm screed is required. Similarly, T & G Chipboard laid over insulation with a vapour barrier between can be used.


We do not recommend the drilling or shot firing of any fixings directly into our prestressed concrete floor beams.


Normally dependant on the span, pre-stressed beams will have an upward camber. Where floating floor finishes are used a levelling screed is recommended.

Finished Floor Loadings

Whilst construction work continues care should be taken to avoid excessive loading beyond the intended design load of the floor. This particularly applies to pallets of blocks and bricks.