150mm Concrete Beams

150mm Concrete Beams

150mm Concrete Beams Overview

150mm concrete beams are most commonly used in domestic house building projects, garages, extensions, conservatories etc. The load / span chart below clearly shows the maximum span for the required loading using either aerated, medium or high density infill blocks and 65mm screed. Note that for domestic garages a 75mm mesh reinforced screed applied directly to the top of the beam and block should be used.

150mm concrete beams

Product Specification

  • MR- 5.329 kN/m
  • MU- 10.549 kN/m
  • Vco- 20.615 kN
  • Weight- 35.00 Kg/m

Fire Resistance

A fire resistance of up to half hour can be accommodated using the 150mm floor beam. Please bear in mind there are no fire resistance requirements for floors next to the ground. At first floor and subsequent levels this figure can be enhanced with various ceiling finishes.

Load/span Chart using 150mm Beam

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