225mm Concrete Beams

225mm Concrete Beams

225mm Concrete Beams Overview

The increased spans achieved by using 225mm concrete beams are a popular choice in larger domestic properties and garages as well as commercial, industrial and educational buildings.

Because these beams are considerably longer and heavier we can only mechanically off-load 225mm beams up to 6200mm length. Beams longer than this will require mechanical or crane off-loading by the site.

225mm concrete beams

Product Specification

  • MR- 12.798 kN/m
  • MU- 26.554 kN/m
  • Vco- 30.704 kN
  • Weight- 57.00 Kg/m

Fire Resistance

A fire resistance of up to one hour can be accommodated using the 225mm floor beam. Please bear in mind there are no fire resistance requirements for floors next to the ground. At first floor and subsequent levels this figure can be enhanced with various ceiling finishes.

Load/span Chart using 225mm Beam

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