Concrete Beam Accessories

Airbricks - Concrete Beam accessories


A suitable airbrick should then be fitted to the external aperture in conjunction with the Telescopic Underfloor Ventilator. To match or contrast with the external brick, stone or render these are available in Terracotta, Buff or Black.

Coursing/Slip Brick - Concrete Beam accessories

Coursing/Slip Brick

For 150mm floor beams a coursing/slip brick 175mm(L) x 90mm(W) x 40mm(D) is used to make up beneath infill blocks at side and end bearings. When using 225mm deep beam a coursing/slip brick 170mm(L) x 105mm(W) x 100mm(D) is available.

Butt Bearing Plate - Concrete Beam accessories

Butt Bearing Plate

To overcome staggered beam layouts on 100mm or 140mm support / sleeper walls these galvanised steel units are the ideal solution to maintaining adequate, in-line beam bearing.

Shoe Hanger & Trimmer - Concrete Beam accessories

Shoe Hanger & Trimmer

To accommodate a change of beam direction or to trim a large void in the floor these quality steel units can be supplied in either red oxide paint or galvanised finish.

Telescopic Under Floor Vents - Concrete Beam accessories

Telescopic Under Floor Vents

The adjustable telescopic ventilator is designed to provide a clear airflow passage of the void underneath the suspended floor. These should be installed during the normal course of bricklaying. NHBC recommendations state that ventilators should be placed at not more than two metre centres and within 450mm of each end of a wall. Vertical and horizontal extension units are also available to accommodate different wall/cavity/brick courses etc. To ensure a through flow of ventilation the vents need to be situated equally in line on opposite walls with voids left in internal support / sleeper walls.

Ceiling Clip - Concrete Beam accessories

Ceiling Clip

To assist fixing of ceiling battens these galvanised ceiling clips should be installed whilst blocks are being laid between beams. It is possible to “post fix” these by following trades before the floor is grouted. Two clip lengths are available for 150mm and 225mm beams. Clips and timber battens should be set out in the opposite direction to the floor beams and spaced at 300mm centres apart. Correctly installed clips will have a safe working load of 50Kg per clip. *Note: We do not recommend the use of drilled or shot fired fixings into our prestressed concrete floor beams.