Hollowcore Slab Flooring

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Thermal and Sound Slab Overview

Prestressed hollowcore slab is predominantly used on first and subsequent floors, though with the additional thermal properties we achieve slabs are increasingly installed at ground level. These 1.2 metre wide slabs can span up to 9 metres depending on the load applied. By using the wet cast method of manufacture as opposed to extruding concrete, the “core” is formed using polystyrene void formers and the ends are solid concrete.

Advantages of Polystyrene filled core Vs Open core

The benefits of this method over standard open core slabs are many :

  • Thermal efficiency – on average 20 – 25% better U value than open core slab
  • Closed ends – improved shear resistance
  • Closed ends – no risk of core collapse
  • Closed ends – no water/moisture ingress or build-up of deleterious material
  • Improved resistance to sound movement
  • Reduced handling on site with cast in lifting anchors enabling slab to be placed without chains, bars etc
  • Factory formed openings for SVPs and services, reduced ends, special shapes
  • Zero air movement through filled cores
  • Made to order all sizes – not incremental stock sizes which may require cutting on site.

Our Range of Slab flooring

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