new concrete floorbeam bed 2018

New Floorbeam Bed 2018 TT Concrete have just taken delivery of yet another high quality 150mm T beam bed manufactured by MacFab Engineering Systems from Carrickmacross, Ireland. This follows the delivery and installation of a similar bed last year along with a new 80 tonne cement silo and 2000m2 extension to our storage area. We […]

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TT goes LIVE with Plasma Cutting

TT goes LIVE with Plasma Cutting For many years the method of cutting the prestressing wire, after the beams have been lifted from the bed, has been with Stihl saw cutting machines. This meant production operatives were bent over with noisy, heavy, vibrating 2 stroke cutters for several hours each day cutting the wires prior […]

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New T Beam Bed Installed

TT Concrete install new T Beam bed In February 2017 another new 90 metre T Beam bed was installed and commissioned by Macfab Systems. This new equipment and increased production will greatly improve delivery times. In addition, having doubled the size of the manufacturing and stock yard over the last 8 years we are able […]

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